Lack of inspiration

I have been very inspired lately. I really want to be able to blog and write more consistently than I have done before.

At the same as I have been inspired I have been super unmotivated. I guess I just don’t believe in my self enough, and therefore I never dare to do what I imagine. I think too much about what everybody is gonna think of me.

I hope that I can shoot some more photos soon and blog more than I’ve done so far this year.

I rediscovered my gopro a couple days ago so I had to take it with me on a hike. I hope you enjoy the results💜

Mountain part 2

This is some of my latest photos from the mountains. I think the scenery was absolutely fantastic, so I thought I’d share it with you. I shot with Nikon D40. I think the mountain was so pretty with snow on the tops. The weather was also just fantastic, and it was perfect for photographing. I’d love to know what you think❤

Photography on a mountain

Last weekend was spent om my mothers cabin. I, her and my boyfriend stayed for 3 days, which we spent hiking. I was, and still am, so inspired. I love mountains, especially when it comes to photography! I just think it’s such a beautiful scenery. Even though it wasn’t such good weather, the trip turned out to be fantastic. I love the look of fog and trees. I hope you enjoy ❤