TED BAKER inspiration.

Ted baker is one of my favorite brands. I just love their creativiy and style with such diffrent types of textures and so many fun and pretty patterns. I think they are doing a great job with the mixture of elegance, chick and trendy vibes. The negative side is the price, because the items can be a bit expensive, but if you want to invest in beautiful and timeless prices, this is the brand for you.     untitled

Coat //Swimsuit//Wallet//Dress//Watch//Shoes//Purse//Phone case //Skirt /


One of the things i like about this brand is the colors. They are so pretty, and combined and matched completely amazing! They also do a great job with patterns, such as flowers. The flower pattern can often seem a bit too much, but ted baker makes the patterns easy on the eye and it doesn’t appear as a giant mess. row-womens-accessories-bags-jaki-entangled-enchantment-travel-bag-navy-xs7w_jaki_navy_1-jpg

 (travel bag here)ws7w_stefh_dk-blue_l2-jpg(skirt here.)

                                                                   row-womens-accessories-bags-marlow-exotic-leather-shoulder-bag-baby-pink-xs7w_marlow_baby-pink_1-jpg (Purse here)

row-womens-shoes-savei-oriental-bloom-leather-courts-light-grey-hs7w_savei_lt-grey_1-jpg  (shoes here)

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