Shopping in Oslo 

On saturday i and my boyfriend went to Oslo. We went mainly to do some shopping, and I was a bit disappointed because I didn’t buy that much. 

The first thing I bought were some makeup from Urban Decay. I bought the all nighter foundation and the optical illusion primer. I bought the foundation in the shade 0.5 (foundationprimer). I will do a rewiev on this some time in the future. I also bought the “eau de roma” tonerwater from Lush as well. 

I also wanted to try a setting spray, and I have heard great things about the one from NYX, so I figured I would give it a try. 

I also visited Zara and because it was SO crowded I only bought one dress. It was a blue and white striped dress with straps.  (You can find it here). 

I also bought a blue pair of shorts. I bought the shorts at Monki and you can find similair here


Today’s outfit was very simple, a black turtleneck and a simple distressed mom jeans from Levis. I wore a green jacket from G-Star  which I really like, especially because of the belt and the buckle in front. The green color is perfect for the season, and the jacket is thick enough for the Norwegian spring. 

Jacket from G-Star. 

Jeans form Levis, top from Bikbok.

Spring lookbook

Spring is soon to arrive, and if you  are looking to upgrade your spring warderobe then i found 12 totally hot pices! 

 //1 hoodie from asos// 2 sweatshirt from forever 21 // 3 Adidas originals // 4 bodysuit from forever 21 // 5 jeans from dr denim // 6 jacket from forever 21 // 7 shoes from Nike // 8 hoodie from asos// 9 hoodie from asos // 10 purse from zara // 12 shoes from zara//


About a moth ago i ordered a couple of sunglasses from Zafaul. I wasn’t sure weather to buy from the site or not, because it was so many different opinions about the site when i read about it. Because of that I only ordered a couple of sunglasses.

The sunglasses were good, not great, but it’s good for the price I paid for them. The first pair (here) was only $6.57, the quality is ok, nothing special.

It felt like the quality on the second pair was better than the first pair. They are a bit big for me, but they are totally instagram worthy glasses. They look a lot like a pair form Dior, which was way to expensive for me. You can find the glasses here. This pair was $8. 

TED BAKER inspiration.

Ted baker is one of my favorite brands. I just love their creativiy and style with such diffrent types of textures and so many fun and pretty patterns. I think they are doing a great job with the mixture of elegance, chick and trendy vibes. The negative side is the price, because the items can be a bit expensive, but if you want to invest in beautiful and timeless prices, this is the brand for you.     untitled

Coat //Swimsuit//Wallet//Dress//Watch//Shoes//Purse//Phone case //Skirt /


One of the things i like about this brand is the colors. They are so pretty, and combined and matched completely amazing! They also do a great job with patterns, such as flowers. The flower pattern can often seem a bit too much, but ted baker makes the patterns easy on the eye and it doesn’t appear as a giant mess. row-womens-accessories-bags-jaki-entangled-enchantment-travel-bag-navy-xs7w_jaki_navy_1-jpg

 (travel bag here)ws7w_stefh_dk-blue_l2-jpg(skirt here.)

                                                                   row-womens-accessories-bags-marlow-exotic-leather-shoulder-bag-baby-pink-xs7w_marlow_baby-pink_1-jpg (Purse here)

row-womens-shoes-savei-oriental-bloom-leather-courts-light-grey-hs7w_savei_lt-grey_1-jpg  (shoes here)