Easter 🐣

Easter break is probably THE most popular time to be in the Norwegian mountains. Skiing and barbecuing is a very common tradition here, especially since the weather always is fantastic! The weather this easter was no exception, so my boyfriend and I went out on a hike.  We had been in the mountains for a... Continue Reading →

Shopping in Oslo 

On saturday i and my boyfriend went to Oslo. We went mainly to do some shopping, and I was a bit disappointed because I didn't buy that much.  The first thing I bought were some makeup from Urban Decay. I bought the all nighter foundation and the optical illusion primer. I bought the foundation in... Continue Reading →


I spent the saturday in oslo with my boyfriend. We went shopping in Karl Johan, and stopped for some food at Bagels O'Juice.  As always, I had to buy a bagel at Bagels O'Juice. I bought the BLT bagel and a strawberry and mango smothie.  The Norwegian castle.   

Celebrating May 1st 

1st of May is the workers national day off. This is celebrated in many ways. Me and my dad have a tradition to go on a motorcycle ride around a water called Mjøsa. This is a very popular thing to do, and a lot of people gather and drive together.   We met at 11 o'clock,... Continue Reading →

March 2.

I woke up to such a beautiful morning, the weather was just perfect. The sun was shining and it was relatively warm for a morning in march. I woke up around 10 and went out for a walk with my boyfriends dog, what a funny dog. Her name is Topsy and she's a bit strange,... Continue Reading →


Today i went to celebrate my grandfathers birthday, he turned 86! So for my lunch I ate bread, scrambled eggs, salmon and salad, and for dessert it was panna cotta and chocolate mousse.

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