Easter 🐣

Easter break is probably THE most popular time to be in the Norwegian mountains. Skiing and barbecuing is a very common tradition here, especially since the weather always is fantastic! The weather this easter was no exception, so my boyfriend and I went out on a hike. 20180330_114635

We had been in the mountains for a couple of days along with our friends when we decided that we wanted to climb a mountain in our snowshoes. We decided to at least try after they went home. The weather on Friday was probably the best time during the whole week. It was no wind and the sun was shining.

I was so hot the whole hike, it was so sunny and warm. The mountain we hiked in is called “skarvemellen” and its 1267 masl high.


The trip was incredible! The mountain wasn’t the tallest in the area, but the view was absolutely breathtaking anyway! We could see so many other mountains from the highest point on Skarvemellen.

Processed with VSCO with n1 preset20180330_114354.jpgSimen, my boyfriend, was a bit skeptical before we headed out, but as soon as we set foot on the snow we knew it was going to be a fantastic trip. He told me later that it was one of the most amazing trips he´d ever been on. I strongly agree!

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Lack of inspiration

I have been very inspired lately. I really want to be able to blog and write more consistently than I have done before.

At the same as I have been inspired I have been super unmotivated. I guess I just don’t believe in my self enough, and therefore I never dare to do what I imagine. I think too much about what everybody is gonna think of me.

I hope that I can shoot some more photos soon and blog more than I’ve done so far this year.

I rediscovered my gopro a couple days ago so I had to take it with me on a hike. I hope you enjoy the results💜

Photography on a mountain

Last weekend was spent om my mothers cabin. I, her and my boyfriend stayed for 3 days, which we spent hiking. I was, and still am, so inspired. I love mountains, especially when it comes to photography! I just think it’s such a beautiful scenery. Even though it wasn’t such good weather, the trip turned out to be fantastic. I love the look of fog and trees. I hope you enjoy ❤