Easter 🐣

Easter break is probably THE most popular time to be in the Norwegian mountains. Skiing and barbecuing is a very common tradition here, especially since the weather always is fantastic! The weather this easter was no exception, so my boyfriend and I went out on a hike.  We had been in the mountains for a... Continue Reading →

Lack of inspiration

I have been very inspired lately. I really want to be able to blog and write more consistently than I have done before. At the same as I have been inspired I have been super unmotivated. I guess I just don't believe in my self enough, and therefore I never dare to do what I... Continue Reading →

Photography on a mountain

Last weekend was spent om my mothers cabin. I, her and my boyfriend stayed for 3 days, which we spent hiking. I was, and still am, so inspired. I love mountains, especially when it comes to photography! I just think it's such a beautiful scenery. Even though it wasn't such good weather, the trip turned... Continue Reading →

End of september 2017

Some of my latest photographs of the autumn in Norway. Fall has arrived, leaves are falling from the trees and the fog is here at its fullest. All of this makes such pretty photographs. Here are some shots of the south coast, a concert we went to, the Norwegian forrest and my boyfriend, enjoy<3  

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