1st day in Majorca

After a 3 hour flight, we arrived in majorca Friday night. Im travelig here with my boyfriend and his family. After landing at the airport, collecting baggage and taking the bus to the hotel, we finally arrived 2 in the morning.

We spent most of Saturday by the pool. But we managed to take a walk to look around and get to know the area. We are staying at a fantastic place in Majorca called . I also took some photographs during the walk.

When the evening came, we went out for some shopping after having dinner at the hotel.

March 2.

I woke up to such a beautiful morning, the weather was just perfect. The sun was shining and it was relatively warm for a morning in march. I woke up around 10 and went out for a walk with my boyfriends dog, what a funny dog. Her name is Topsy and she’s a bit strange, always doing stupid things and making weird noises. I felt so inspired! 

I have been feeling a bit restless lately, and wanted to acutely do and feel like i had achieved something today, so we went on a cx-ski trip. The weather was just perfect, so we ended up going on a trip on the ice at the fjord. We didn’t go for a long trip, but it was long enough for an “out of shape dog”.

After the trip my boyfriend made smoothie, which we enjoyed out in the sun. It was a perfect finish to an beautiful day.