Colourpop eyeshadow rewiev

A while ago i bought some products from Colourpop. I bought the phase me out value set and some lip products (read about it here).  The value set consisted of four super shock shadows from their spring collection. The shadows included in the set was One by One, Itty Bitty, Flipper and Going rouge. These are very peachy shades which is perfect for spring and summer! The set was $20 value while the price was $18 . I was super exited to try products from Colourpop for the first time, especially since everybody seems to have and love them.

This is what Colourpop claims: “Super Shock Shadow Our famous long-wearing crème powder formula with a unique bouncy-like texture. It’s super creamy, insanely pigmented, and has one swipe intensity with zero fallout.”

20170503_201857_003From the top: One By One, Itty Bitty, Flipper & Going Rouge.

Facetune-2017061336388050This is the base i started out with. I used a stick foundation, bronzer, blush, a highlight and I had also done my brows.  First i applied Going Rouge all over my lid and above the crease to create a base. I applied this with the base shadow brush form Real Techniques (you can find it here). I had to use a lot of the product since the shadow wasn’t as pigmented as it seemed during swatches.   Facetune-201706131196417855

After I applied One by One followed by Flipper. I felt like i needed a lot of product to build up the color to be as intense as i wanted it. I found the shadows to be very creamy but not as pigmented as i would like for them to be. The feel of the product is a very silky and smooth texture and very lightweight.

Finished the look by adding Itty bitty on the lover part of the lid and in the crease with the deluxe crease brush from real techniques (find it here). Facetune-201706139079910Facetune-201706131772430634

The value set is a very nice one to add to your collection, the colors are really nice after some building. Even though these shadows aren’t as pigmented as id wish i would recommend them. I think these shadows can be very nice to add to a collection, especially if you like peach colors. You can find the set hereFacetune-20170613558061700

Makeup collection and storage.

My makeup collection is not very big, but its good. It consist of great makeup, which i will share with you, and must have products. I avoid buying makeup thats tested on animals, and buy the cruelty free instead.



I dont have any seriously good foundations, which is quite annoying considering the money i spend on them. The Smashbox and BareMinerals foundation tend to get very caky, and it doesn’t last very long before its kind of vanished in certain areas. The cushion foundation by Isadora is good, but it contains a small amount of product and it runs out super fast. The isadora wakeup makeup foundation is quite good but the color is wrong, this summer it was my go-to foundation, but in some shades darker. I still never get my self to buy another one…

Bronser, highlighter and blush: 

My favorite bronser at the moment is the solar powder by soap and glory. Its a gorgeous bronzer and its easy to build up. I also love the sun bunny bronser from Too faced and the naked illuminator from urban decay, its two beautiful bronsers,  but i prefer the result of the solar powder. My everyday bronser is a smashbox one, which comes in their counter palette. The contour palette contains a matte contour shade, a matte bronzer and a matte highlighter. I dont like the highlighter in the palette, but it doesn’t matter because i rarley use highlighter in my everyday makeup.

My favorite highlighter is the Mary-lou manizer by the Balm, its easy to build up and it gives a natural like glow, which i love! It also have a super cute packaging ! I also bought the high beam highlighter by benefit. The high beam is a good highlighter but i prefer the mary-lou one, because high beam is difficult to build up since its a liquid one.

I love the look of a good blush. It gives back the glow and color to your face, which normally disappear after foundation and concealer are applied. The too faced candy glow is a very pretty blush, which is perfect for summer and a lighter feel to the result look. My favorite blush are the hot mama! form the balm, the color is perfect the entire year! just like the Too faced blush it has such a cute packaging and its easy to build up.


i have two stunning palettes from Tarte, the tartlet in bloom and the swamp queen palette. Its impossible to pick a favorite between them, they are gorgeous. Both palettes smells really good, and the shades are super simple to build up. You can make every kind of look with these palettes, a dramatic look, natural look and the no makeup look. If you are looking for a palette to spend a little money on, i highly recommend these two. My favorite shades in the tartelette in bloom is the sweetheart, flower child or the funny girl shade. Rocker and smarty pants is also stunning shades. My favorite shades in the swamp queen palette is “does this thing really work?”, #SFS, natural peaches or the haunting shade. Sassy bun is also another shade which is perfect for the party glam look. The swamp queen palette also comes with a good brush! Both of the palettes also have great mirrors , and a elegant clean look to them.


For my lips I’ve been loving the nyx matte lip creams, the product are highly pigmented and they are easy to apply. i have Amsterdam, Antwerp, Prague , Ibiza and Milan. Milan or Ibiza is my favorite shades, they are both a pink color but the Milan is more purple and the Ibiza one is more of a raspberry color. I also have their butter glosses in Napoleon and sorbet. The sorbet color is brighter than the napoleon one. I done like the look of bright colors on myself, thats why the Napoleon is my favorite one. I also have two Nyx lingerie liquid lipsticks, both in the color baby doll. The color is pretty, but not on the lip, its to bright for me.

I also have one Too faced melted liquid lipstick in the color melted strawberry.  I regret not buying another one, because they are super good! It feels good on the lips, and its even possible to build it up.