Cala figuera and montedrago

For our 6th day in Majorca we went on a boat trip to montedrago natural park. We travelled with a boat called starfish bottom. The boat had glasses under deck for us to see fish and underneath the ocean! We travelled to a small town called cala figuera, before we went to montedrago natural park. The town was a old fishermens town, and it was so adorable! The port was small but there were so many sailor boats there!

After leaving cala figuera , we went to montedrago natura park, which was so amazing and pretty! The water was turquoise and we could see the bottom even where it was really deep. We also jumped and slided from the boat and it was so much fun! I’ll post some videos and pictures from it later💖

1st day in Majorca

After a 3 hour flight, we arrived in majorca Friday night. Im travelig here with my boyfriend and his family. After landing at the airport, collecting baggage and taking the bus to the hotel, we finally arrived 2 in the morning.

We spent most of Saturday by the pool. But we managed to take a walk to look around and get to know the area. We are staying at a fantastic place in Majorca called . I also took some photographs during the walk.

When the evening came, we went out for some shopping after having dinner at the hotel.

Celebrating May 1st 

1st of May is the workers national day off. This is celebrated in many ways. Me and my dad have a tradition to go on a motorcycle ride around a water called Mjøsa. This is a very popular thing to do, and a lot of people gather and drive together. 

 We met at 11 o’clock, and drove off in a kind of a parade. Hundreds of motorcyclists in a small place often means chaos, but it’s so much fun!

After a while we stopped at a gas station, and the chaos was even bigger! 

Afterwards we drove off, and then stopped at a place called Skreia. There you could find old cars, old motorcycles, old trucks and live music.