Colourpop eyeshadow rewiev

A while ago i bought some products from Colourpop. I bought the phase me out value set and some lip products (read about it here).  The value set consisted of four super shock shadows from their spring collection. The shadows included in the set was One by One, Itty Bitty, Flipper and Going rouge. These are very peachy shades which is perfect for spring and summer! The set was $20 value while the price was $18 . I was super exited to try products from Colourpop for the first time, especially since everybody seems to have and love them.

This is what Colourpop claims: “Super Shock Shadow Our famous long-wearing crème powder formula with a unique bouncy-like texture. It’s super creamy, insanely pigmented, and has one swipe intensity with zero fallout.”

20170503_201857_003From the top: One By One, Itty Bitty, Flipper & Going Rouge.

Facetune-2017061336388050This is the base i started out with. I used a stick foundation, bronzer, blush, a highlight and I had also done my brows.  First i applied Going Rouge all over my lid and above the crease to create a base. I applied this with the base shadow brush form Real Techniques (you can find it here). I had to use a lot of the product since the shadow wasn’t as pigmented as it seemed during swatches.   Facetune-201706131196417855

After I applied One by One followed by Flipper. I felt like i needed a lot of product to build up the color to be as intense as i wanted it. I found the shadows to be very creamy but not as pigmented as i would like for them to be. The feel of the product is a very silky and smooth texture and very lightweight.

Finished the look by adding Itty bitty on the lover part of the lid and in the crease with the deluxe crease brush from real techniques (find it here). Facetune-201706139079910Facetune-201706131772430634

The value set is a very nice one to add to your collection, the colors are really nice after some building. Even though these shadows aren’t as pigmented as id wish i would recommend them. I think these shadows can be very nice to add to a collection, especially if you like peach colors. You can find the set hereFacetune-20170613558061700

March 2.

I woke up to such a beautiful morning, the weather was just perfect. The sun was shining and it was relatively warm for a morning in march. I woke up around 10 and went out for a walk with my boyfriends dog, what a funny dog. Her name is Topsy and she’s a bit strange, always doing stupid things and making weird noises. I felt so inspired! 

I have been feeling a bit restless lately, and wanted to acutely do and feel like i had achieved something today, so we went on a cx-ski trip. The weather was just perfect, so we ended up going on a trip on the ice at the fjord. We didn’t go for a long trip, but it was long enough for an “out of shape dog”.

After the trip my boyfriend made smoothie, which we enjoyed out in the sun. It was a perfect finish to an beautiful day. 

Spring lookbook

Spring is soon to arrive, and if you  are looking to upgrade your spring warderobe then i found 12 totally hot pices! 

 //1 hoodie from asos// 2 sweatshirt from forever 21 // 3 Adidas originals // 4 bodysuit from forever 21 // 5 jeans from dr denim // 6 jacket from forever 21 // 7 shoes from Nike // 8 hoodie from asos// 9 hoodie from asos // 10 purse from zara // 12 shoes from zara//

TED BAKER inspiration.

Ted baker is one of my favorite brands. I just love their creativiy and style with such diffrent types of textures and so many fun and pretty patterns. I think they are doing a great job with the mixture of elegance, chick and trendy vibes. The negative side is the price, because the items can be a bit expensive, but if you want to invest in beautiful and timeless prices, this is the brand for you.     untitled

Coat //Swimsuit//Wallet//Dress//Watch//Shoes//Purse//Phone case //Skirt /


One of the things i like about this brand is the colors. They are so pretty, and combined and matched completely amazing! They also do a great job with patterns, such as flowers. The flower pattern can often seem a bit too much, but ted baker makes the patterns easy on the eye and it doesn’t appear as a giant mess. row-womens-accessories-bags-jaki-entangled-enchantment-travel-bag-navy-xs7w_jaki_navy_1-jpg

 (travel bag here)ws7w_stefh_dk-blue_l2-jpg(skirt here.)

                                                                   row-womens-accessories-bags-marlow-exotic-leather-shoulder-bag-baby-pink-xs7w_marlow_baby-pink_1-jpg (Purse here)

row-womens-shoes-savei-oriental-bloom-leather-courts-light-grey-hs7w_savei_lt-grey_1-jpg  (shoes here)